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Are you really protected??? - Ben Kapp, Estimating and Service
It is a conversation we have almost daily...

'I think we have enough extinguishers.'
'That panel beeps all the time like that, I thought it was normal'.
'Well, we don't really do anything when the panel goes off, we just ignore it because it happens so often'.

   These are things that we hear all the time from customers.  Let's face it, most of the time the life safety systems and extinguishers in a facility are forgotten or ignored because they are not income generating items in your world.  While you do not see any profit or think that it is something to be worried about, it will save your life and your business.
   Here are some things to consider, as some are required by law to be completed:
    - Have your fire alarm tested annually.  This includes sprinkler systems.  While some sprinkler systems are semi-annual, having a professional consult will tell you exactly where you stand.
    - Have your portable fire extinguishers inspected and maintained annually by a licensed NAFED (National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors).  This is a code requirement in most states, and is essential to ensure your extinguisher is in proper working order.  Also, extinguishers have a breakdown cycle, and have to be inspected and pressure tested in intervals.  A licensed professional will guide you through the timelines for your specific extinguishers
    - Don't ignore flashing lights or beeping panels.  By design (and law) panels are required to do certain things, like tell you when a battery is failing or a device is unplugged from the system.  A yellow light means there is a trouble that needs repaired, and a red light means a fire has been detected.  Understand the differences and be trained in what to do for each scenario.
    - Have an emergency action plan in place AND practice it!  This includes egress signs, facility maps and having your maintenance team checking doors and emergency equipment on a regular basis to make sure you are able to get out when you have to get out.

Life is precious.  Fire Protection is a small price to pay to ensure life.