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Since 1946 Industrial Welders, Construction Site Managers and Factory Maintenance Supervisors have all trusted TJ Nowak as a valuable partner for their business. From fire system schematics to gas cylinder pick up & delivery, our knowledgeable staff delivers what it takes to keep your business moving forward. No one works harder for you than TJ Nowak.

The Many Faces of TJ Nowak Supply

We are THE gas supply guys. We are also a comprehensive fire suppression company. And, we have a massive 4,000 sq/ft WorkStore filled with welding and job site gear on Superior Street. We are also THE public safety gear people. And, our First Aid Delivery supplies are well known. Porta-John supplier? Yep, us too. The truth is, we are on a mission to help our customers get their work done. It’s that simple. We want our customers to keep doing what they love. Uptime is everything. So, we work hard to make sure you can stay on task. TJ Nowak. Turning heads since 1946.

Fire Protection Services

From designing a full Suppression System for your new restaurant to replacing a few pull boxes, TJ Nowak has your workspace protected. We make sure your workplace has everything it needs, so you never worry about fire suppression again.

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Welding Services

Whether you are looking for custom gas cylinder delivery, runs of cable, whips made to your spec, repair parts, accessories, or gear, TJ Nowak has your work covered. We offer an exclusive, full line of Lincoln Electric Welding Machines.

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First Aid Delivery

First AID: You know that a well-stocked First Aid cabinet is not only practical but is also required in most work environments. But, let's be honest. What size kit do you really need? What should it contain? A few aspirins? A bandage or two? A bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide? You might be surprised to learn that there are specific guidelines for each work environment and size of your building.

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Porta-Jon Delivery

Uptime on the job site is critical for hitting deadlines. One straightforward way of doing that is keeping a clean, well-maintained Porta-Jon for the crew. TJ Nowak takes pride in delivering and servicing Porta-Jons, Handwashing Stations and Worksite Facility Trailers at job sites, festivals, and backyard events all across Northeast Indiana.

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Nowak Gasses

TJ Nowak Supply is the ONLY in-house filler of welding, medical, food-grade, and brewer gasses in Fort Wayne.

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Our Partners

We take pride in every product we offer our customers. From trusted clothing lines that hold up to molten steel, to police tactical gear, we make sure you get the very best. How do we do that? We test it all. Our staff pressure fit rebreathers for firemen. We sharpen knives for paramedics. We test every hose nozzle, test weld with every brand of rod, ring off every alarm…all in the effort of ensuring these products and manufactures are held to our high standards. If a brand made the list, we stand behind them. If you want to come in to the WORKSTORE and test one out, we encourage it. Let’s bang on some helmets together. Your work is our work. So, let’s get to it.

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