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Fire extinguisher inspection

Fire Extinguishers - TJ Nowak Supply

Not every type of fire is the same

A fire extinguisher is the first line of defense to protect your people and property. When you can extinguish a fire in its early stages, you can spare your business from catastrophic damage and downtime. But, the wrong extinguisher can mean catastrophe. Regardless of the hazard, our charged, well maintained & certified extinguishers stand ready to ensure your employee’s safety. In this arena, Nowak stands above our competitors. We are NFPA 10 compliant. We inspect, service, certify, deliver and install…the correct extinguishers for your needs. Our hydro-test specialists are DOT certified and perform work in-house to ensure the quality of work and timely returned fire protection. We process thousands of extinguishers for our clients each month. Our multi-point inspection process exceeds NFPA 10 local, state, and federal requirements which comply with most insurance risk insurance assessments. We will inform you along the way if we are in question of any of your existing assets that could be close to failure. We will work with you and your team to return your facility to a safe level of operation.

Are you interested in our specialists inspecting your extinguishers? Meet Jason.

And, don’t forget. We have all of our extinguishers in stock at The Work Store. Our extinguishers are always certified, tagged, and ready for purchase. Please keep in mind: if you purchase a fire extinguisher from a big box online store, this does not guarantee it will be certified and tagged complying with your local AHJ to meet fire code requirements for your business. Big Box stores can not tag your extinguisher.

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TJ Nowak Employee Matt Bennett

Meet Matt Bennett

Fire Suppression Service Manager

This is Matt. He’s a trusted stand-up guy and a look-alike for Adam Green. Matt’s passion is a quality service experience for our customers. With 15 years of experience, Matt is also an expert on Fire Suppression. Outside of work, Matt loves Notre Dame, bourbon, and golf. Not necessarily in that order.

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Matt Machall

Meet Matt Machall

New Business Development

Matt’s new to our team, but has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Customer satisfaction is his number one priority. From renewing old relationships to building new ones, Matt is ready to listen and help. If you have questions about kitchen suppression, Matt is our top expert.

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