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TJ Nowak Services

Whatever it takes to keep you working

What do all of our services have in common? Your Work. It’s that’s simple.

Getting, keeping, and ensuring your job gets done. That’s our job. If that means you need the best suppression system for your restaurant, we are ready. If that means you need a specific mix of gas delivered for your welder, we have you covered. Need an estimate for a Closed Circuit TV system for your new office? Let’s go. Porta-John for your construction site? Where do you want it?

That’s our secret sauce. We’ve been doing it for over 70 years. We will do whatever it takes to keep you working. We’ve worked through raging floods. We’ve stayed open during riots. We’ve even refilled air packs through the night to ensure our firemen and firewomen were safe during the worst of fires. Whatever it takes. Your work matters to us.

In 1982, Nowak Williams stayed open to serve emergency city crews and contractors during Fort Wayne's great flood.

In 1983, During the St. Mary’s Church Fire, Nowak Williams refilled firefighter air packs for several fire departments for 2 straight days.

In 2008, TJ Nowak Supply employees operated pumps 24/7 around the city to help control flooding.

Putting out fire with fire extiguisher

Fire Protection Services

Welding Services

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First Aid Delivery

Porta-Jon Delivery

Jesse Troutmen image

Meet Jesse Trouten

Fire Alarm Specialist

Jesse knows fire protection and alarm systems. He is passionate about servicing his customers.  Jesse is an avid traveler and loves riding his Indian across the country.

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Matt Machall

Meet Matt Machall

New Business Development

Matt’s new to our team, but has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Customer satisfaction is his number one priority. From renewing old relationships to building new ones, Matt is ready to listen and help. If you have questions about kitchen suppression, Matt is our top expert.

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Alvin Hughes profile image

Meet Alvin Hughes

Regional Sales Representative

Alvin has 10 years’ experience. He is an expert at fire protection Service. Call Alvin if you have any questions on our service, pricing or hazard analysis for your building. Gun or bow, Alvin is an avid hunter of any animal that breathes.

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