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Fire Protection Aisle - TJ Nowak Supply

These Shelves Hold Our Hottest Items.

A full selection of fire extinguishers, signs, brackets, covers, and accessories await you in the TJ Nowak WorkStore. Brands like Ansul, Dolan, and Amerex are trusted across the country. So, why purchase an extinguisher from our WorkStore? We refill, tag, and certify every fire extinguisher. All fire extinguishers from A-K are available and ready to go. Not sure what to purchase? Work with one of our fire protection experts to determine what you need. Want to learn more about fire extinguishers?


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TJ Nowak Employee Mike James

Meet Mike James

Fire Extinguisher Specialist

Mike is one of the many faces you are likely to see when you come into our WorkStore. He is our manager for the Fire Shop. From a Class A Fire to a Class D Fire, talk to Mike. Mike is an avid fisherman.

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TJ Nowak Employee Matt Bennett

Meet Matt Bennett

Fire Suppression Service Manager

This is Matt. He’s a trusted stand-up guy and a look-alike for Adam Green. Matt’s passion is a quality service experience for our customers. With 15 years of experience, Matt is also an expert on Fire Suppression. Outside of work, Matt loves Notre Dame, bourbon, and golf. Not necessarily in that order.

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