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Protecting your work in any situation

Because of the incredible foresight and vision set 70 years ago, TJ Nowak is found in many of today’s top applications. From cutting edge manufacturing facilities to ultra-sensitive orthopedic environments, our products and services play vital roles in ensuring that our client’s work gets done. With Closed Circuit TV we can monitor valuable “real-time” delivery systems in print houses. With our restaurant hood systems, we can ensure your steak never gets “flame broiled.”  All with the same goal in mind….your work, done right.

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Matt Machall

Meet Matt Machall

New Business Development

Matt’s new to our team, but has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Customer satisfaction is his number one priority. From renewing old relationships to building new ones, Matt is ready to listen and help. If you have questions about kitchen suppression, Matt is our top expert.

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TJ Nowak Employee Adam Green

Meet Adam Green

Public Safety Division Manager

This is Adam. His passion is providing high-quality safety equipment at affordable prices while creating long-term relationships with our customers. Outside of work, He enjoys spending time with my wife and two daughters. He enjoys reading world history and traveling.

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TJ Nowak Owner President Jason Summers

Meet Jason Summers

President, Chief Executive Officer

Jason is the fearless leader of TJ Nowak. Inspired by his grandfather’s legacy, Jason brings invaluable knowledge and perspective to our customers. He is known for delivering a big idea and engaging customers in real conversations about work and success.

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Applications FAQs

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