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Gas Cylinder Bottles

Nowak Gasses

We've Got Gas!

TJ Nowak Supply is the ONLY in-house filler of welding, medical, food-grade, and brewer gasses in Fort Wayne. Our gas mixture experts will work closely with customers to find the right blend of gas you need, based on what you are welding, brewing, or making. Then, our shop technicians will custom-blend these gasses onsite to ensure the highest levels of exactness, safety, purity, and quality. While others can claim to “deliver” gas, we are the only true supplier that fills, inspects, certifies, and delivers the gasses you need in the area. We fully comply with CGA regulations and DOT-CFR 49. We are FDA Certified and UL FM Listed. (Medical grade)

Do you need your tank hydro-tested? We can help. Our world-class hydro-testing facility will get your tank checked and you on your way.

If you need advice, just ask our president Jason Summers. His experience in welding gasses is unmatched.  


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