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Welding Services

Welding is in our blood

A great welding experience comes down to 3 simple things. The cleanest rod. The purest gas. And, the right machine for the job. At TJ Nowak, we’ve partnered with the very best in the business to provide you with all the supplies that you need, when you need it. That means our premium lines of rods, cables, protective gear, and welding machines can’t let you down in the middle of the job. To that end, here are key services we provide to our welding customers.

  1. We Repair Regulators & Torch Outfits. A new regulator can be expensive. Our experienced staff will test your old regulator and give you our opinion. Sometimes a thorough cleaning is all it takes.
  2. We Maintain, Fill & Deliver Gasses. All our custom-mixed small-batch gasses are available for delivery within 50 miles of our Workstore. See our full lineup of in-house gasses here.
  3. We Make Custom Whips & Pigtails. Our customers love them. And, we love to help.
  4. We Do Technical Training. We love sharing welding techniques, various application concepts, and processes. Give us a call. We are here to help.
  5. We Troubleshoot Machines for FREE. Got an issue with your welder? Mig? Tig? JB? Let’s take a look under the hood.

Let's Get to Work with the Best in Welding Services - TJ Nowak Supply

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Matt Machall

Meet Matt Machall

New Business Development

Matt’s new to our team, but has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Customer satisfaction is his number one priority. From renewing old relationships to building new ones, Matt is ready to listen and help. If you have questions about kitchen suppression, Matt is our top expert.

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TJ Nowak Owner President Jason Summers

Meet Jason Summers

President, Chief Executive Officer

Jason is the fearless leader of TJ Nowak. Inspired by his grandfather’s legacy, Jason brings invaluable knowledge and perspective to our customers. He is known for delivering a big idea and engaging customers in real conversations about work and success.

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