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Dive into "Shark Lady" with COO Scott Sherman at Bloomingdale Elementary - TJ Nowak Supply

Dive into "Shark Lady" with COO Scott Sherman at Bloomingdale Elementary & TJ Nowak Supply

In the dynamic landscape of corporate responsibility, leaders like Scott Sherman, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TJ Nowak Supply, shine as beacons of community engagement. Discover how Scott is making a positive impact on Bloomingdale Elementary School through his commitment to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Reading Program, fostering a love for reading and inspiring young minds.

In a world where corporate responsibilities often take precedence, Scott Sherman, COO of TJ Nowak Supply, is breaking the mold by volunteering his time for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Reading Program at Bloomingdale Elementary. This unique initiative not only enhances students’ reading skills but also serves as a testament to Scott’s dedication to community development.


The Book and the Journey:

During a recent session, Scott and Bloomingdale Elementary students embarked on a literary adventure with “Shark Lady” by Jess Keating. This captivating biography chronicles the remarkable journey of Eugenie Clark, a marine biology pioneer. Scott’s engagement with the students not only brought the book to life but also sparked curiosity and enthusiasm in the classroom.


Scott’s Commitment to Community:

As the COO of TJ Nowak Supply, Scott Sherman understands the profound impact that community engagement can have on young minds. Through his volunteer work, Scott aims to instill not just a passion for reading but also a sense of responsibility and possibility in the students at Bloomingdale Elementary.


Scott Sherman’s presence in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Reading Program has created a positive ripple effect throughout Bloomingdale Elementary. Improved reading skills, exposure to diverse career paths, and the inspiration to dream big are just a few of the tangible outcomes of Scott’s involvement with the program.


Encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility:

Leadership at TJ Nowak Supply, exemplified by Scott Sherman, showcases the integration of corporate social responsibility into business operations. This commitment not only contributes to the success of the company but also underscores the importance of giving back to the communities they serve.


Scott Sherman’s dedication to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Reading Program at Bloomingdale Elementary exemplifies the harmonious balance between corporate success and social responsibility. As we celebrate leaders like Scott, it becomes clear that true success extends beyond profit margins and encompasses the positive contributions made to the communities we call home.

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